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Welcome to Peoria Plumbing where we are ready to provide you with expert service and friendly tradesman. 24/7 and at YOUR convenience.

Peoria Plumbers is a full service plumbing company who specializes in 24/7 Plumbing services to all of Central Illinois. Here is a list of our services. Contact us if you need the following:


  • Expert Commercial Plumbers, Peoria
  • Residential Plumbers
  • Video camera inspections 24/7
  • Sewer, water and and gas re-piping and upgrades
  • Residential or Commercial sewer and drain cleaning service
  • High pressured state of the art water jetting services for sewer, roof and storm drains
  • Expert Backflow certification and repair
  • Professional Backflow installation and replacement
  • Total Water pressure regulators
  • The Best Underground fire piping repair
  • Any type of Grease trap and liquid waste pumping
  • All Plumbing fixtures and repairs and replacements
  • Complete and Total hassle free, Water heater replacement, installation and maintenance
  • New Tankless on-demand water heaters
  • Sparkling Water softener repair and replacement
  • The safest Water filters and whole house filtration
  • All Garbage disposal repair and replacement
  • Full, Total and Complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling services
  • All Household appliance installation and relocation
  • Total Leak repair, Guaranteed
  • Fast Sump pump repair, replacement or installation
  • Professional Repair clogged or broken pipes
  • Knowledgeable Expert Preparing home plumbing for winter freeze

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Toilet Repair and Installation:

with the many of the functioning parts of a toilet and the beating in fact a toilet can take in a commercial environment, is one of the most common plumbing issues faced by a business is a leaking or broken toilet. At Peoria Plumbers we offer complete toilet repair and installation services to the Peoria business community.

With the many of the functioning parts of a toilet and the beating in fact a toilet can take in a commercial environment, is one of the most common plumbing issues faced by a business is a leaking or broken toilet. At Peoria Plumbers we offer complete toilet repair and installation services to the Peoria business community.

Toilets come in many different styles looks and functions these days but If you have older toilets in your place of business and are ready to have them repaired give us a call. You will likely run into minor damage with repair work. In some cases, especially in hotels and office buildings, it is not financially possible to replace every toilet in the entire facility. As real expert plumbers, Peoria we seek to remedy the solution for you. We can repair most older toilets, given the right information.

We know how to locate parts for older toilets just give us the make and year of your model, and we will get you an excellent estimate on the repair project.In some cases, toilets are beyond repair, especially with the abuse heaped upon them in commercial locations. For example, Public restroom facilities are a particular problem in many cases. If our Peoria plumbing technician finds that your toilet is beyond repair or maintenance,such as a standard drain snake cleaning, we can help you choose the best industrial and
commercial plumbing toilet models and get them installed very quickly and most effectively. We work with all types of toilets, including low-flow toilets and handicap types of plumbing.

Sink Plumbing:

Sink Plumbing when it comes to choosing a sink for your very own commercial application, it involves more than picking an eye-pleasing appealing and sophisticated design for the bathroom. You need to find and install the right commercial grade product for your restaurant,food service, hospitality business, lab, school, medical center, and manufacturing company and make sure it is going to perform for years to come. Peoria plumbers can help you determine the best sink for your application and install it for you according to code, assuring long term functionality and durability. We can also assist you when your sink needs to function in
conjunction with other equipment in your facility.


Our skilled plumbing technicians are trained and experts to install gas lines and locate gas leaks to make repairs. Whatever your plumbing needs in terms of gas line installation or repair, be sure to trust the industry experts to provide safe, fast solutions for all gas emergencies that adhere to local plumbing codes and all best practices.

If you suspect a real gas leak, exit the building immediately and then call 9-1-1 from a safe distance. Never use the phone inside a building where a gas leak may have occurred, as even this simple gesture could set off a gas explosion. Electricity can even set it off. Ignore information on the do-it-yourself gas leak detection, as it is unsafe to try to isolate the source of a major leak without professional experience. After you call 9-1-1, call Peoria Plumbers for the fastest resolution to your problem. Our commercial plumbers peoria work well with gas leak detection equipment and the utility company to get you back on track quickly.

Leak Detection:

Leaks all around sinks and kitchen faucets including bathroom and laundry room faucets are common problems encountered by us and both at home and in the workplace. It is often tough to handle a complex plumbing leak issues that were really caused by faulty water supply systems or some gas pipelines. However, professional leak detection services from Peoria Plumbers specialize in readily identifying and repairing such problems fast. Leak detection service providers often use advanced technologies to detect the location and the cause of pipeline leaks with laser precision.
A home or office is probably your largest investment and a mysterious gas or water leak can create real unnecessary stress and expense. Water leak damage can destroy ceilings, walls, floor coverings and furnishings. Microbial growth and building material deterioration is really devastating. Finding the source of the leak quickly is of utmost importance to the safety of you and your family. Including your customers if you in fact own a business.

Commercial sewer repair:

Commercial sewer repair often involves some complicated equipment, requiring greater plumbing industry expertise and experienced tradesman. In order to properly repair sewer lines,a video inspection must first find the source of the problem. You may have a break or hairline crack in the sewer line, suffer from serious root invasion, or have other straight up problems that occur in sewer lines with age.

To diagnose the real issue, it may be totally necessary to first unclog the drain line and then perform the video inspection, which involves putting a camera with a live feed into the pipeline so our Peoria plumbers can visibly see the problem. Using the images provided, Peoria
Plumbers can determine whether your sewer needs spot repairs or must be replaced altogether.With video inspection services, our plumbing company can save your Peoria business time and money, and we will give you an excellent estimate on repair or replacement as needed, once the inspection is complete.

Faucet Repairs and Faucet Installation:

Even if you only have a small job, Peoria Plumbers are ready to help. This is especially and most likely true with faucets, which may seem like a minor task. However, there is a lot of work involved in this entire process and our expert plumbing technicians can make it look easy and fix a broken or leaky faucet or, if it is beyond repair, install a new one. We are fully capable of working with all types of makes and models of faucets.Whether working on an individual restroom or a stadium style public restroom, you can count on
Peoria Plumbers to give you what you need, with Detroit faucet repair and faucet installation 24/7.

Some commercial businesses, such as those in the food service industry, depend on their high performance garbage disposals, which can take a real beating from all employees. We can install and repair all commercial grade garbage disposals for Peoria hotels, restaurants, and
medical centers. In many cases, not all but most we can repair a garbage disposal. However, if your current disposer is beyond the repair process, we can make expert recommendations for a brand new unit, as well as install your brand new garbage disposal and get you rolling again.

Call Peoria Plumbers for commercial plumbing needs on any kind of major or minor renovation,weird code violation, or plumbing emergency your business may experience. Commercial installations and service is a big part of our plumbing business. When you have a commercial
plumbing emergency affecting your business or property, we know it is essential to get there real fast and solve the real problem in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner so you can get your business back on track and put this all behind you.

We have provided friendly service to commercial customers in Central Illinois for over 12 years.Our superior equipment, massive manpower, and un rivaled expertise are the tools we use to get your commercial plumbing problems solved! With the least interruption to you and your customers day. We guarantee 100% all our work and provide you the customer honest, up front pricing on all commercial plumbing projects.

Permanent Rust stains, real hard water spots, and dry itchy and flakey skin are just a few consequences of hard water. We offer a full line of water softeners, filters, and treatment systems to take care of your real water quality issues.

Water filtration systems and installations:

Water filtration systems and installations make the water supply at your home or business cleaner, healthier and better tasting. They meet real demands better than water filter pitchers and bottled water, as well as kitchen faucet filters, because they care for the entire house, at
every location where you use water and it should be treated today. This means no more lugging large heavy, expensive bottled water around and not worrying about the delivery or the chemicals in the clothes you wear or the water you use to shower. Peoria water filtration will change your life and your health.

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Sewer projects:

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Sewer projects are some of the larger jobs performed by us, but all of our employees have the professional plumbing experience to handle these jobs. The most stringent requirements and obtain permits in a swift manner with very little friction from
authorities. We are able to perform sewer repair and installation swiftly. We use the newest most up to date pipeline video inspection system and tools as a non-destructive method of assessing root and other damage at its exact location with pin point accuracy. This allows for
more efficient repairs day in and day out at the source of the sewer problem with minimal digging.

Drain cleaning:

One of the most important functions a plumber provides is drain cleaning. We can unclog almost any type of drain with our advanced equipment and industry experience. We provide snake and cable drain cleaning, as well as hydrojet services that are the best to assure the best possible solution to your stopped or slow drain problem. Our devices allow us to scour away the grease,soap and sand from any drainage system up to 12 in diameter and make progress quicker than other companies.

Video Inspection:

Video Inspection at Peoria Plumbers uses the newest pipeline video inspection tools. Inserting a state of the art camera with a real live feed into your nasty commercial drain allows us to quickly and accurately assess root and other damages caused to your drain. In some commercials projects even helping you to identify if the city has caused your damage. With this non-invasive pro active procedure, we will locate the exact source of the drain problem immediately and fix it efficiently with minimal digging.